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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confused ...Lain Doktor Lain Ubat ..:)

Sometimes i got confused..huhu... different doctor will give different medicine ..for instant .. Hanaa normally been given Singular if the caugh getting worst ..prolong phlegm and if there is obvious wheezing sounds when breathing... i would say that Singular is last phase of treatment on prolong caugh normally... can it be high dose medicine??i dunno... but yesterday .. went i brought Maira to the same clinic but diff paed..the paed gave us Singular eventhough her lung is good (according to the paed)..meaning that there is no sign of bad weezing sound in her lungs. Of course the paed knows better than us..but sometimes we as parents need to know the trend of our own child treatment and also a little bit on the medicine itself..since Maira is still small just 4 months old , we continue on the first paed's medicine ; mucolator for phlegm treatment...

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